Build Podcast Fans Like The NFL – Episode 148


Build Podcast Fans Like The NFL – Episode 148

Copyright: mblach / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: mblach / 123RF Stock Photo


Watching college football (American style) this weekend, I was reminded of a few things you can do to improve your podcast.

The NFL Superbowl is a great marketing teacher if you look closely.

As much as the Superbowl is a game involving two teams, it is really about entertainment. If viewers aren’t entertained, it really doesn’t matter who competes or who wins. It would simply be another game.

The National Football League makes money by providing entertainment to fans. They build an audience for the sport, both live and on television. They then sell access to that fan base to other businesses.

Tickets to the games are only a small portion of the league revenue. Television rights, corporate sponsorships and licensing agreements also add huge revenue. None of these would be possible if the games weren’t entertaining.

Your podcast can mimic a lot of the steps taken by the NFL to create a successful show. Here are a four.

It’s Always Showbiz

Regardless of the topic of your show, it is always show business.

It doesn’t matter if you are talking about movie reviews or mortgage reduction, it must be entertaining.

Entertaining doesn’t necessarily mean funny. To be entertaining, you need to make a connection with your listener. Find a way to stir the emotions of your audience. Emotions make it entertaining.

Think of great movies. Some make you laugh. Some make you cry. Some make you angry. Some make you think. Some make you question authority. Emotions make them great.

The exceptional movie elicits multiple emotions.

Show business is about the “larger than life”. Show business makes you forget your problems and worries. Great entertainment takes you to another place and time. It stirs your imagination.

There is also a bit of amazement, sparkle and glamour in show business. Add some flash and pizzazz. Sound effects, big name guests, professional announcers, and quality production are ways you can add a touch of show business to your podcast.

The content of the Superbowl isn’t the critical element. The two teams playing are simply the foundation of the game. Most people are not big fans of either team. They are watching to be entertained.

People watch the Superbowl for the entertainment value. They watch for the pomp and circumstance. People want to see the half time show. They want to see the commercials. They want to have the same experience their friends have. Year-to-year, the viewing audience of the Superbowl is roughly the same regardless of the game’s participants. It’s all about the entertainment.

Create A Story

Stories help create relationships with your listener. Great stories reveal things about the storyteller. They also engage the audience. A great story can make an average topic compelling.

The NFL puts great effort into the story of the Superbowl. The organization works to find the stories that will captivate the imaginations of America. Then, they do all they can to spread that story.

The stories make the game personal. Tales create a connection between the spectators and the participants. A human feel is created about the game when personal details are revealed with great stories.

Great story lines also create interest amongst the cursory fan who would not normally be interested in the game. Fans of teams not participating in the game suddenly find themselves sucked into the drama of the stories. Those fans want to see how the stories play out.

Make Every Piece Entertaining

Every part of your show should add to the entertainment value. If you make a throwaway comment, your listener will also throw it away. Your listener should be delighted by every element of your podcast. Do not air anything on your show that doesn’t add value.

Find ways to make the generic content on your show compelling content. If you need to convey general “don’t forget” messages, find creative ways to make those announcements.

The Superbowl does a tremendous job of creating entertainment out of every piece of their show.

Some people watch the Superbowl just to see the commercials. In every other show broadcast on television, people sigh, groan and moan when the commercials air. During the Superbowl, you find others in the room quieting guests so they can hear those advertisements.

>> See the Geico – Ice T commercial here.

Hangin' with Ice-T "back in the day" - circa 1989
Hangin’ with Ice-T “back in the day” – circa 1989

The NFL also adds sizzle to other pedestrian elements of the game. The coin toss handled by an honorary coin flipper and is executed with a special coin. Intermission in play (half time) is turned into an over-the-top music performance by the biggest superstars, each year bigger than the last. They players don’t just show up on the sideline ready to play. They are introduced with an opening video piece and fireworks.

Every piece of the Superbowl adds to the entertainment. The field is customized. The exterior of the stadium is customized. The jerseys are customized. Every detail is special.

Make every part of your podcast memorable.

Create Multiple Streams Of Income

As the saying goes, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

If you only have one income source, you leave yourself vulnerable. If that source disappears, your revenue drops to zero. Play it safe.

With multiple streams of income, your revenue isn’t greatly affected by any one particular source. You have some buffer room. When one stream is diminished, you have time to make adjustments to get it back.

The NFL has monetized every part of the game possible. If something can be sold or sponsored in conjunction to the Super Bowl, it usually is. The NFL makes money in many, many different ways.

Word is the average price of a 30-second commercial airing during the Superbowl is $4 million. That revenue is received by the broadcasting network. However, the NFL is paid a hefty sum for the broadcast rights.

The pregame show, half time show and broadcast studios are sponsored. The coin flip, game clock and replays are all sponsored. Even the NFL donations are sponsored.

The Super Bowl Champion t-shirts and hats are for sale as soon as the game ends.

Revenue comes from many different streams.

Create some consistency in your income by creating multiple streams of revenue.
Copy a few of these NFL Super Bowl tactics with your podcast. You will make the relationships with your audience much stronger. You will create more consistent revenue streams. Your show will also be more consistently entertaining and successful.

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