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Do you spend time each week reviewing your own show? The best way to improve is to check the results of your work with a podcast review. Know where to look, ask the right questions, and develop a plan. If you want to get better, it takes work.


Dave Jackson and I do the the Podcast Review Show together. This is a show where we invite a podcaster to join us for a podcast review. Dave has over 20 years of experience teaching. He has been podcasting since 2005. I have over 20 years experience coaching broadcasting talent. Together, we help podcasters reach their goals.

On one particular episode, Dave mentioned he was reviewing his own episode and discovered something he could do to make his show better. Dave has been doing this for a dozen years and is still discovering ways to make his show better.

I have coached broadcasters for the past 25 years. Some of these broadcasters have been in the business for 40 years. The best in any industry use coaches to improve. That is why they are the best.

Using my radio knowledge and experience, I began coaching podcasters.


I’m a big proponent of podcast reviews in real time in order to get better. One of my free worksheets at is dedicated to reviewing your show. It is called the Podcast Review Worksheet. You can find it for free in the Worksheet Library.

If you want to review your own show to improve, download the worksheet for free and put it to use. This worksheet will help you know where to look and what questions to ask to improve.

The key is to review your show on a regular basis. Actually listen like a listener. That is the only way to improve.

Many hosts finish recording a show and think, “That was pretty good. What’s next?” There isn’t much time spent actually reviewing a show. There are so many other duties to handle, such as editing, posting, and promoting the show.

The strongest path to improvement is spending quality time listening to the show.


Play it back. Grab a pad of paper and write down the parts that jump out at you. Jot down the “oh wow” moments. Take note of the sections that didn’t work exactly as you planned.

You will only find these moments when you listen like a listener.

The show will sound much different to you when you listen back than it did as you were recording it. You will hear things you didn’t notice as you were focused on creating the content. Words that you overuse will suddenly become noticeable to you.

Allow time between recording and reviewing allows you to forget excuses.

Once you have created the lists of good and not-so-good, create two more lists.

First, determine how can you create more of the “oh wow” moments on the show. How might you incorporate into the show more of the great content that worked?

Next, make a list of ways you can eliminate the parts that weren’t polished enough.

Get on the road to show improvement. Use a podcast review with your show on a regular basis.


Here are the questions on the Podcast Talent Coach Podcast Review worksheet that can help you improve your podcast.

Pick an episode from a few weeks back. Listen to it in real time. Then, ask yourself these questions.

  • What did you hope to accomplish on this show?
  • Did you succeed?
  • How did you make the audience care?
  • Where were the “oh wow” moments?
  • Where were the surprises?
  • What were the powerful words you used?
  • What did you like about the show?
  • What was memorable about the show?
  • What worked?
  • What could have been better?
  • How did you position the story from the listener’s point of view?
  • How did you include the listener, making them part of the story?
  • At what points did you introduce and reset the show/topic?
  • How did it appear you were prepared for every element?
  • What did you reveal about yourself to help foster the relationship with the audience?
  • What stories did you tell?
  • What details did you use that were spectacular and visual?
  • Where did you use active language? (walking instead of walked, eating, not ate)
  • What crutches do you use that need to be removed?
  • What is your plan to make tomorrow better?


A good coach can help you objectively review your show.

There are many myths about coaching.
Myth: I know what I am supposed to do, so I can do it myself.
Truth: Your coach can see things you cannot.

The best in any industry use coaches. There are business coaches, quarterback coaches, vocal coaches, violin coaches, writing coaches, speaking coaches and many others.

Coaches are everywhere. Unless you are in a particular industry, most people have never heard of these coaches. These instructors are well educated and experienced in the profession. They help the greats become even better.

Check out “Why Pay For Feedback – Episode 068” for an in depth look.

Coaches will hear things you do not. They are not too close to the content and can be objective. They don’t have the excuses.

Coaches also bring a different perspective and different experiences to your podcast review.

A good coach should also help you recognize the strong parts of your content. Your coach should give you confidence to take chances and hold you accountable to review your show.

You can be a guest on the Podcast Review Show with Dave Jackson and me. See how coaching works. Hire me for one-on-one coaching to help you improve. Or simply use the worksheet and give it a try for yourself. Either way, I would suggest you listen to the Feedback episode.

Why Pay For Feedback – Episode 068

Next week: how to promote your podcast without being obnoxious.

I’d love to help you with your podcast. Post any questions or comments you might have, or e-mail me at

Let’s turn your information into engaging entertainment.


  1. Another episode filled with wisdom from one of the best. Erik Johnson. Anne Hudlow and I have worked with Erik to help improve our show. It started with the first decision to have our show reviewed by Erik and Dave Jackson. We got great feedback that helped us shape our show. This led us to begin working with Erik who helped us with some workflow opportunities and interview style development. Some people are reluctant to hire a coach for a variety of reasons but working with the podcast review show and Erik was a very good decision for us.

    Anne Hudlow and Rick Sizemore. VR Workforce Studio Podcast

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