Stronger Content With Better Podcast Prep (Free: Show Prep Cheat Sheet) – Episode 128


Stronger Content With Better Podcast Prep (Free: Show Prep Cheat Sheet) – Episode 128

Planning Your Podcast Content

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Do you wish your content was stronger. When you add stories and proper preparation to your podcast, your show will create more engagement.

Your episode could have more momentum and your presentation more spontaneity if you used these podcast prep steps before you begin to record.


All great performers prepare. Athletes. Speakers. Actors. Attorneys. Preparation is the key to success.

Great radio performers typically spend one hour of preparation for every hour of show time.

Before you begin to record your podcast, you should spend just as much time preparing for the show.

Your podcast prep is very similar to mapping out a trip. You not only need to know where you are going, you need to know how to get there.

As you develop your podcast episode, you first decide which topics you want to cover. Most podcasters figure that is enough prep. The topic is only half the battle.

You must then plan what you hope to do with each topic. What emotions do you hope to elicit with the content?

What approach will you take to get there?

Before you open the mic, plan out your show. Jot down some notes. Find the facts you need to support your story.

Write down the few important points you need to mention as you’re answering questions or making your case.

Then, make sure you stick to your plan.

Dan Miller does a wonderful job of this in his podcast “48 Days to The Work You Love”. He knows exactly which questions he wants to answer in his show.

By planning and preparing, you give your show more momentum and energy. Your content will continue to move forward. When you fail to prepare, your podcast will hit lulls as you search for your next thought, transition or direction.


Many people refuse to rehearse any part of their podcast, because they feel it will remove all spontaneity from the show.

Think about a speech you have given. When you have only rehearsed a couple times, anxiety sets in.

You get butterflies when you anticipate blowing it. Thinking about making a mistake makes you nervous. You start to worry you may forget. This all happens, because you are not prepared.

On the other hand, when you have rehearsed the speech many, many times, you eventually know it by heart. Comfort with the material makes you feel much more confident. The worry isn’t as present. The preparation has helped you relax.

Now that you are relaxed, spontaneity has the opportunity to kick in.

Spontaneity in your speech happens most when you aren’t worried about the mechanics of the presentation. Your mind is allowed to move naturally through the material.

Your spontaneity helps you become truly engaged with the audience and material. Wonderful, creative, spontaneous things happen when you reach this point.

The same can be said for your podcast. When you know the material, have defined a specific goal for the show, and have mapped out a plan to achieve that goal, your podcast will be filled with many “oh wow” moments.

When you worry about content during the show, you have no brain power left for spontaneous things to happen.

Plan and prepare. Are you too busy thinking about the next question and blocking out the spontaneity? Your preparation will help you create unique content.

I have developed a Podcast Talent Coach Cheat Sheet that will help you prepare for each episode. This worksheet contains 5 steps to help you plan your show and shape your content.


1. What are the interesting topics you hope to address on this particular episode?

2. What do you hope to accomplish? This includes both the topic and the show overall.

What is the goal of the show. What do you hope to make your audience feel?

3. How will you treat each specific topic you hope to address? What will you do with the content?

This could include answering the question, demonstrating the answer, playing some audio, interviewing a guest, showing charts to support your answer, or various other tactics.

Begin to develop your fantastic stories at this step.

4. Create an outline for the flow of the show topics.

This is important for the show introduction as you set up the show. Your outline will also keep you organized as you move through the content.

5. What supporting information will you need for the show?

Organize and highlight the information for easy access during the show. This is how the spontaneity will develop during your episode.

Now, you are ready to record. Put in the time to properly prepare. Your content will be much stronger. Your episode will have more momentum. Your presentation will have more spontaneity


Find the FREE Podcast Talent Coach Show Prep Cheat Sheet HERE.

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Let’s turn your information into engaging entertainment.

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