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Are You Moving Your Podcast Forward In 2017 – Episode 159


Are You Moving Your Podcast Forward In 2017 (Goals) – Episode 159

Achieving your goals in 2017.
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Where is your podcast going this year? We are one-third through the year. Are you moving forward in 2017? Have you reviewed your goals lately? Have you even set goals for this year?

We often set goals at the beginning of the year. Studies show that most goals and resolutions go by the wayside by mid-February. How are you doing with your goals?

We need to take time to review our goals often. You do not need to wait for the beginning of the year to set those goals.


A goal is a dream with a deadline. What are your dreams for this year? If you don’t have a map and destination, you’ll only wander. You’ll never get anywhere. Let’s be specific and set some deadlines.

I am a member of Digital Marketer with Ryan Deiss. Though I am not an affiliate, he has some great products and plans. One of them I use regularly is his “60-Second Blog Plan”. This plan helps me lay out a clear path and plan for my content for the year.

Find it here:

What is the one big thing you want to accomplish over the next year? Let’s develop little steps to get there. Break the big goal into bite-sized pieces.


If you create a weekly show, you have 52 shows over the next 12 months. It may sound like a lot. However, you need to be intentional to reach your goals.

What is your call to action within your podcast? How can we make that call-to-action more effective? Where are you sending your listener each episode to get more info? Be specific and write it down.

Are you monetizing your podcast? There are many possibilities, such as books, speaking engagements, seminars, affiliates, products and more. If you have yet to monetize your podcast, schedule your time to create something powerful. Be sure to include deadlines.

Do you interview guests on your show? Create a list of guests you’d like to get on the show. Be brave and reach out to those people. Let’s get them on the show. Give yourself a goal with a deadline.


Are you effectively planning each show before you begin? Sometimes it is difficult to get motivated to record your show on a regular basis. Plan ahead.

Download the Podcast Talent Coach Show Planning Worksheet:

When you lack motivation, revert to plan you’ve already created.

Are you reviewing your show on a regular basis? To get better, you need to look at game tape. All great sports teams review tape of previous games. You should do the same.

Get the Podcast Talent Coach Show Review Worksheet:


Finding someone that can help you honestly review your show will help as well.

The next year can be huge for you if you plan. Set deadlines to turn your dreams into goals. Be sure to find balance in all areas of your life.

Take some chances. Go for the big interview or launch a product. Dream big. You might just reach your dreams.

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