What Is Holding You Back? – PTC Episode 089


What Is Holding You Back? – PTC Episode 089

Holding You Back

At New Media Expo 2015, I met many podcasters that were weeks and months away from launching.

“I’m 30 days away from launching.”

“I’m about 90 days from going live with my podcast.”

“I’m still conducting interviews preparing for my launch this summer.”

What is holding you back?

I know what you feel. I was in your shoes when launching my podcast. Planning. Learning. Researching. Trying to get it just right.

Don’t let perfection keep you from launching.

We often let procrastination creep into our lives disguised as “planning” and “researching”. We tell ourselves we will launch right after we complete a few more steps on our “to do” list.

Here is the problem: The “to do” list keeps growing preventing us from launching.

When I was launching, I started with a blog. The blog grew slowly. I finally came to the realization that podcasters would rather listen to podcasts than read.

My podcast planning began.

I started watching videos on podcasting. Podcasts about podcasting filled my iPhone. Newsletter subscriptions hit my e-mail inbox. The NMX virtual ticket was my next purchase. I even bought books about podcasting. I consumed everything I could find.

I kept telling myself I was preparing. Truth is, I was just procrastinating.

Months into my learning and planning stage, Dave Jackson from School of Podcasting reached out. Dave found my blog and wondered why I didn’t have a podcast.

Dave, don’t you understand? I’m planning. I’m researching. I’m learning. Look at all the work I’m doing.

Dave wasn’t buying it. He had seen this movie before and knew how it ended.

During that 90 minute phone call, Dave pushed me. He challenged me. Dave had confidence that I could launch in a week or two. I simply needed to move.

That was the trick.

Start with the first step.

You’ve heard it before. Every journey begins with the first step.

Your first step may not be in the right direction. However, you make corrections as you go. Eventually, you reach your destination.

People often ask me how I can stand and speak in front of 15,000 people. I started with the first step.

Speaking in front of 20 people in speech class was tough enough.

To earn extra money in college, I began working as a wedding DJ. That job forced me to make announcements to groups of people every weekend.

One weekend it hit me.

People simply are not as interested in my speaking success and failure as I am.

If I mess us while speaking, there is a good chance I will be the only one to remember. People don’t care that much.

The same is true with your podcast. If you mess it up, few will notice let alone care.

Dave Jackson always uses a quote from Ryan Parker from FoodCraftsmen.com. “Nobody will punch you in the face.”

Are you letting self doubt keep you from launching? Is the Impostor Syndrome holding you back?

“Why would anyone care what I have to say?”

“What if I fail?”

“What if I make a fool of myself?”

All of the self doubt is natural.

We tend to make more of our mistakes than anyone else.

Don’t let the fears hold you back. Find someone to push you and hold you accountable.

We could surely work together where I can help that happen. You could also just find a friend that will push you to launch. Either way, push yourself to make it happen.

Now is the time to launch. Not 90 days from now. Not 30 days from now. Not after you have 8 episodes in the can.

Launch now.

Record an episode and get it out. Set some deadlines and take some baby steps.

Let’s make it happen. Pick a date and launch.
I would love to help you with your podcast. E-mail me any time at Coach@PodcastTalentCoach.com.

You can find my podcast and other tools to help you create great content at www.PodcastTalentCoach.com.

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