Essential Elements of Powerful Storytelling – Episode 129


Essential Elements of Powerful Storytelling – Episode 129

Know, Like And Trust


Have you noticed a lot of interview podcasts in your niche sound the same? We are hearing the same guests answer the same questions time and time again. How do you become unique in this sea of sameness?

Storytelling can transform your podcast.


Stories let your audience get to know, like and trust you. These are critical elements in any business relationship.

Out of stories come knowledge and friendship. Great storytellers create fans. Your stories help define you, your character and your personality.

Stories also touch many more people. The appeal of stories is nearly universal.

When you reveal things about yourself through stories, you begin to connect with, motivate and inspire your listeners.

Don’t fit in, stand out.

Personal experiences are the only way to make the content your own. No other podcaster can recreate your stories the way you can. Your stories are unique to you.


There are examples of great storytellers throughout everyday life.

You find great storytellers in songwriters.

Movie makers are usually great storytellers rather than story writers. Many great movies are based on books written by someone else. These include movies such as Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, The Help, the Notebook, the DaVinci Code, and any of the John Grisham books.

Great teachers and speakers are usually great storytellers. You can see examples of this in the bible and in fables that have been passed down through generations. Storytelling is also used by great speakers such as Zig Ziglar.


In podcasting, you cannot afford to be boring. Interest in your story never remains constant. When you tell a story, interest is either rising or falling.

Your information can only become entertainment when interest is rising. A great story continues to develop the plot and raise the interest.

Have you ever sat through a long, monotonous story that never seems to end? Interest is definitely falling with these stories. Keep your plot moving.


Date your listeners.

The privilege of talking to people who want to be talked to and selling things to people who want to be sold to is earned over time. Work to build friendships.

After consistently building the friendship, you will earn the privilege to talk to your audience.

Practice becoming a great storyteller. You will soon be developing friendships.


To become a great storyteller, listen to yourself. Hear your thoughts. Have courage to record your personal connections.

Once you have recorded your thoughts, reveal those thoughts through great stories.

Think of your podcast as a friendship. Ask yourself, “Would I enjoy taking a one-hour car ride with this person every week?” Your listener is asking the same thing. They are deciding to spend quality time with you just like they do with friends.

Stories allow others to live vicariously through you. They can experience the highs without putting in the work. Listeners can experience the lows without suffering the pain.

Friendships develop over time. They create trust. Friendship comes from self revelation. This is where your stories become powerful.

Next week, we will cover the elements of great stories and what you can learn from Walt Disney, one of the greatest storytellers of our time.

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  1. Your podcast Essential Elements of Powerful Storytelling – Episode 129, was great I can hardly wait until next week. I just downloaded the work sheets now I’m going to go home and start working on them and hopefully they will help make my podcasts much more interesting.

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