How To Get Your Guest To Share Your Interview – Episode 171


How To Get Your Guest To Share Your Interview – Episode 171

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Do you want more downloads for your interview episodes? Are you actually asking your guest to share your interview episode and showing them how to share it? Your guest is a wellspring of new contacts and listeners. Use that network to your advantage.

We interview guests on our shows to add depth to the content, contribute additional ideas and add perspective we do not have.

We also interview guests to gain access to a new audience. The interview allows us to introduce our guest’s audience to our show if they share the episode.

It is not the responsibility of your guest to share your interview. They are already doing you a favor by appearing on your show. That doesn’t mean they will not share it. It simply means they have no obligation to spread the word.

There are four keys to get your guest to share your interview episode.

  1. Ask them to share your interview.
  2. Make it easy for your guest to share your interview.
  3. Live in their world and help them share it on their favorite platform.
  4. Show them how to share your interview.

Over my 30 years in radio, I have worked in nearly every format. I have had the amazing opportunity to interview artists from all walks of life. There have been artists in my studio that you have never heard of as well as household names. I have had the privilege of interviewing Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey and more. It has been amazing.

Interviewing these world famous artists has taught me many lessons on interviewing. Part of that education has included how to get them to share your interview.


Keep in mind that a guest will not typically share your interview out of the kindness of their heart. Sharing usually will not happen unless you ask for it.

Don’t be shy about asking. Simply approach the request to share your interview from a place of gratitude. Be thankful that your guest has agreed to appear on your show. Then, be gracious in your request.


To encourage your guest to share your interview, make it easy for them. There are a few ways to accomplish this.

  • Create a social media post for them that shares the interview.
  • Write the e-mail copy for them to promote the interview.
  • Gently remind them if they have already agreed to share your interview.
  • Thank them for being on the show and sharing your episode.
  • Elicit the theory of reciprocity by doing something for them first (but don’t expect anything in return – it just may be more likely).


Help your guest share your interview in the space in which they already operate.

If your guest is big on Facebook, create a Facebook post. If your guest is an e-mail specialist, help them by creating an e-mail.

Find the path of least resistance by starting where they already operate.


Be specific in your ask. If your guest agrees to share your interview, tell them exactly what you would like them to do.

Tell your guest when the show is live. Provide the exact show link you would like them to use. Send them any graphics you would like them to include. Show them how you have shared it, so they may simply share your info.


Follow these 4 steps and you should have much more success trying to get your guest to share your interview.


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