The Magic Of Know, Like And Trust – Episode 067


The Magic of Know, Like And Trust – Episode 067

Know, Like And Trust

It never ceases to astonish me how our podcasts create friendships with people we have never met.

My family and I were at a hockey game a few weeks ago. A couple came up to us and started chatting about the game as if they knew us. We had a great conversation with them as if we had been good friends for years.

When the couple moved on, my wife was a little irritated with me when she asked why I didn’t introduce her. I told her I didn’t know who they were.

These people knew me from being on the radio. I am part of their lives on a daily basis. I share things with them everyday on my show. These people feel like they know me and we are good friends even though we have never met.

This happens all of the time. As podcasters and broadcasters, we have a strange friendship with our listeners. That friendship give us influence.

How can we develop those friendships with our podcast?

Here are five tips.

1. Reveal Things

Reveal things about yourself on your show as you would to your good friends.

2. Include Your Listeners

Make your listeners part of your show. Don’t distance yourself from your listeners with e-mail and text messages. It is much more compelling to hear the words of another individual in their own voice than it is to hear someone else tell the story (or ask the question).

The passion of the message, story or questions isn’t contained in the e-mail. Inflection and meaning are always different when read by another individual. A scripted e-mail lack spontaneity.

I believe this is why interviews are so powerful. You can talk about a book, or you can interview the author. Which is more compelling?

3. Make Your Listener Feel Something

Emotions are powerful.

4. Be A Companion

Make your listener feel comfortable, as if they are spending time with a friend. They will come back time and again. You are their companionship.

5. Help People

Helping others should be your first priority.


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Let’s turn your information into engaging entertainment.

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