Podcast Interview Terms You Should Know – Episode 140


Podcast Interview Terms You Should Know – Episode 140

Copyright: baibaz / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: baibaz / 123RF Stock Photo


This week, we discuss 20 podcast interview terms that will help you speak the language when arranging, coordinating and conducting interviews with your guests.

Host – Interviewer

Guest – Interviewee

Prep – Show preparation

Prep Sheet – Preparation info for both host and guest

Advance The Interview – Coordinating the info in advance of the session

Outline – The guide for the host

Target Audience – The specific person who will listen and benefit from the show

Work The Mic – The technique of using a microphone, including distance from the mic and angle of attack

Pitch And Plug – Promote goods and services during an interview

Reminder – Reach out to the guest periodically regarding the interview

Bio – A brief history of either the guest or host

Pronunciation Guide – Instructions to properly say a name or phrase

Booking Agent – A person who works for either the host or guest to coordinate interviews

Call To Action – Asking the audience to do something

Forward Momentum – Keeping the conversation moving forward. Stories are a great way to accomplish this.

Funnel And Lead Magnet – The act of bringing prospective clients and customers into your buying process (funnel) using a free gift, such as a download

Non-Verbal Cues – Hand gestures (that the audience cannot detect) to indicate you would like to speak during an interview

Elevator Pitch – The quick speech that gets the prospect interested in hearing more

Reset – A point during the podcast when the host reintroduces the guest and topic in order to remind the listener of important parts of the interview

Recap – A summation of the interview sent to the guest after the session has taken place in order to thank the interviewee and help him/her promote the show
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