Thankful Podcast – Episode 069


Thankful Podcast – Episode 069

Thank You

We celebrated Thanksgiving here in the United States last week. It is a wonderful time of year when we step back and give thanks for all we have. This week, I would like to share a few things for which I am thankful with the hope that I might help you discover some inspiration.

Three years ago, I began my journey to help podcasters refine their art. I was not sure where I was headed. I only knew that I wanted to follow my passion.

Podcasting wasn’t my original passion. It was architecture. From the time I was 12, I knew I wanted to be an architect. Through middle school and high school, my classes led me down that path.

While getting my college degree in architecture, after working two years as a draftsman, I found my way into radio. The architecture degree required a few electives. My younger brother worked at a radio station and with me as a disc jockey. I thought radio sounded like an entertaining elective.

The class was Broadcasting For The Non-Major. The class led me to become the music director of the campus station. After a few months, I had a part-time job at a local radio station.

Since I was so close to finishing, I decided to complete my architecture degree. Once complete, I continued to work in radio and pursue my passion. Broadcasting become my life.

Architecture and radio are actually quite similar. Both require the ability to be creative within a set of guidelines. Both professions require a combination of creative and analytical skills.

After a few years in radio, I discovered my true passion was helping talent refine their craft and content. I fell in love with creating content that captured the imagination of people and created effective calls to action.

The world of podcasting is like the new frontier. We are able to create with very few parameters. Along with that freedom comes responsibility. You must set your own rules.

That is my passion. Each day, I have the privilege of helping wonderful podcasters hone their craft and create amazing content to reach their goals. For that, I am truly grateful.

That is the foundation of this thankful podcast.

I didn’t get here on my own. There are quite a few people that helped me achieve all that I have. This Thanksgiving, I want to thank those that have helped me. As you continue your journey, you may find some inspiration here as well.

This is my thankful podcast.

My Family

The support I receive from my wife and two wonderful children is priceless. They encourage me with every step I take. Find inspiration in the ones you love. Let that love and encouragement lead you to great things.


You are the reason I do this show every week. Knowing that I help you with your content, your art and your passion drives me to create every week. The fact that you give me 30 minutes of your time every week means the world to me. Please know that I am thankful for that gift every time it comes my way.

Dave Jackson

When I began down this path, Dave Jackson was the first to reach out to me and offer help. Most of my achievements were partly due to the help Dave provided.

Dave runs the School of Podcasting. His knowledge of podcasting and resources have helped me every step of the way. I cannot possibly thank him enough.

Jeff Beals

Before I even discovered podcasting would be my path, Jeff Beals was an inspiration. As part of my mastermind group, Jeff was my sounding board. His words and guidance always motivated me.

Jeff has a great book called “Selling Saturdays”. He interviewed football coaches regarding recruiting, selling and inspiring. The book contains wonderful stories. No matter if you are selling ideas or widgets, this book will help you achieve.

Rem Lavictoire

When I am stuck in a rut, Rem Lavictoire is always there with a few words of inspiration. I’m not sure how he knows. His e-mail shows up in my e-mail box just at the right time.

If you have attended New Media Expo or Podcast Movement in 2014, I am sure you have seen Rem. He is usually the first to the microphone after a session with some of the best questions you will ever hear.

Rem has given me inspiration and motivation through his friendship. I am grateful for all the support he has provided over the years. Rem has a great podcast call the Sci-Fi Movie Podcast. Find him at www.

Kenn Blanchard

Kenn and I met through Dave Jackson. Kenn Blanchard has a podcast that has really inspired me in my faith and fatherhood. His podcast is called “Black Man With A Gun”. Kenn offers words of wisdom and inspiration every week. His Father’s Day show is one of my all-time favorites. Check him out when you can.


A few men have inspired me from afar. Through their teachings, they have inspired, mentored and taught me along this journey.

Dan Miller inspired me through his “48 Days” teachings. His podcast and books have motivated me to pursue work that I love.

Gary Vaynerchuk and his book “Crush It” showed me the way to structure and achieve all that I have.

Brendon Burchard helped me launch Podcast Talent Coach through his teaching in the “Millionaire Messenger”. His book and CDs inspired me to share my knowledge with the world.

This Thanksgiving, these are the people for which I am most thankful. Without you, I would not be able to do this every week. Thank you for being part of my journey. Let me know how I can help you in any way possible. To you I dedicate this thankful podcast.
I’d love to help you with your podcast. Post any questions or comments you might have, or e-mail me at

You can find my podcast and other tools to help you create great content at Let’s turn your information into engaging entertainment.

Let’s turn your information into engaging entertainment.

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  1. You are a real coach. You are on my short list of podcasters. Your passion is no joke. Love you like a brother. Strong dude. Appreciate what you give. Blessed to you have met you and call you friend.

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